donderdag 3 juli 2008

Ik heb net de Startrek film "of Gods and Man" gezien.

En nou zou ik na het zien van die film (bestaat uit Act 1. act 2 en act 3) en het op hun website posten van mijn mening er over ook hier, nu in het Nederlands, een stukkie kunnen gaan typen wat op een review zou moeten lijken maar ik doe het niet. Niet omdat het zo'n slechte film is, maar omdat ik het op die site al zo uitgebreid en met volle overgave heb verwoord. Daarom plak ik de twee posts die ik over "Startrek: Of Gods and Men" heb gedaan op hun site hier onder.

(ken je geen engels? Get your "translate this page" ready!!)

Na het zien van de cast in de opening credits, voor er ook nog maar een seconde van de episode zelf voorbij was gegaan.... riep ik dit al:

schoq, delight, awe, respect, disbelief, pleasure, anticipation, excitement, elation, extacy, nausia, thrill and joy........

Those feelings went through me as i started watching act I of "Of gods and men"....

I this was solely during the opening credits! I haven't seen one single actor on screen yet!!

I mean..... wa....woa.... havva... debe.... i'm just saying.... you know... awaaa... duuuuh..... eehm.... gosh!

Ethan Philips!
Cirroc Lofton!
Tim Russ!
Garret Wang!

Chase Masterson!
Herbert Jefferson Jr, William Wellman Jr. and Gary Graham...huh..wait... who? nevermind!

Walter Koenig!
Nichelle Nichols!

Grace Lee Whitney!
Crystal Allen, Alan Ruck Lawrence Montaigne!

Those are nice name to have in the cast and all but.... ohmygodohmygodohmygoooood!

w00t.gif jawdrop.gif eek.gif bowdown.gif buttrock.gif

He is only the best klingon.gif that has ever had anything to do with StarTrek!? Not only the best actor to ever play a Klingon (three times i believe) and other races on Startrek (Oh and he did some other great stuff to i guess, but that wasn't in StarTrek so who cares?) but allso the best author ever to write something about Klingons or even StarTrek in general! (General Mortok ofcourse)!!!

i allways avoided "Fanfilms" or series because i thought they were all just kiddies of 14-20 shooting an 'episode' on their daddies video camera or a webcam.

bash.gif blush5.gif

was i wrong!!

I'll watch act I II and III right after this post (got it on pauze at the last opening credits are about to dissapear from the screen) and i'm going to SmilieWatchingYou.gif fr0m now on!

Whatever the Eps turn out to be, thanks for bringing so many of the StarTrek Legends together to keep the StarTrek Universe Expanding!!

*walks to the moviescreen mumbling "ohmygoshomygosh.... JG Herzler.... ohmygosh.... and Neelix and Tuvok!!... ohmygosh ohmygosh.... and Pavel, Nyota, and Janice too... ohmygod ohmygod.... Harry Kim...and jake....*

En toen ik Act III had afgekeken..... uurtje of anderhalf terug riep ik dit:

Okay, i just finished Act III and i can tell you greenpiece is gonna go ballistic if they find out how many gooses were skinned to supply all of them goose bumps i had.

It was goose-acide!

And i must say that that amazes me.... I mean, the CGI was in some parts.....

well i can't put it gently i guess.... vomit.gif they sucked!

and sometimes so did some of the acting. and the set was far from high tech quality.....

But man....


That story,

those characters...

At first i had some difficulty with following the story line, and following the flow from "generations" into this time, but once that clicked into place the immersive suction of the story and the actors getting back into the second skins feeling of their characters had me right between the eyes!

Even those (sorry but i really mean that) crappy CGI's didn't take anything away of the joy away i had...

The sheer feeling of absolute joy....

This was up there with the top episodes, scenes and moments out of any of the five seriez, ten movies and hundreds of books that i've experienced Startrek through so far.

oh oh... busted_cop.gif Philosophical/emotional feelings coming. RED ALERT!

I don't know if any of the people involved with this production are going to be involved in ST:XI but i hope with all the hope i can hope with, that most of them are.

Without those millions of dollars that were pumped into Startrek the last few incarnations this turned out to be THE best showcase for what Startrek was, is and should be all about!

Not those CGI's (although these were so bad they came close to ruining it) or those expensive and complex sets and props, not those assistants to the assistant of the assistant's assistant....

And certainly not those multi hundred thousand dollar making executives at Paramount were the thing that made Startrek literally the passion of millions.

It was the IDEA around which a different story was draped every episode. It was the idea under the story that sucked you in and immersed you in an experience rather than showed you an episode of a tv series.

Real trekkies know what i mean...:

That feeling that you could jump right in there and man that bridge station left unmanned by the killed ensign that just died in the line of duty....

That feeling that even you could make a life out there with the explorers that went where no man had gone before.

Its the idea that one day, in RL, humanity will sail the stars as a united people (though the existence of religion makes that seem highly unlikely) and take up an equal place among a galactic society of countless different lifeforms.

THAT ladies and gentlemen is what Gene Roddenberry gave to us....

and if ST:XI is going to have any chance of doing what Paramount clearly decided its purpose is (deciding if Startrek lives or dies after ST:XI) it will have to understand, accept and embrace that knowledge, that idea, and drape itself around it.

Only then will those millions who were once able to convince NASA, ie. the US Government, to rename its first space shuttle into "Enterprise" grow back to their former strength and convince Paramount that killing Startrek would be (lol) paramount to suicide (he i'm speaking business wise, don't worry i'm not twistedsick in my mind! I'm Dutch, we don't do that killing spree stuff... much)

Not that even Paramount has the ability to kill Startrek. Paramount can never kill Startrek even if they tried (looking at how they manage Startrek you'd think they have tried)

Fillowsoffical/emowtsionall threat has dissapeared. Stand down from red alert!

Okay, back to of gods and men.

Man.... that Crystal Allen... i can't think of anything that i'd want to change on that body! She had the perfect outfit for that body of hers too.

But what will probably be the most long term effect that watching this film will have on my Startrek experience from now on..... actually changing Startrek for forever for me.....:

I will never be able to watch an episode of Startrek Deep Space 9 with Leeta in it in the same way again!

drool.gif we are not worthy.gif!

She is so beautiful i still cannot think of any woman that tops her. Her face, her body, her mannerisms... the fact that she knows she's irresistible and the way she can use that knowledge...... She's a woman that can make me do anything just by looking at me or walking by. And i know she's got herself a personality that matches her body! That's the only thing, i think, that keeps her from being a destroyer of men!

She's taken the top spot on my list of most gorgeous women to grace Startrek in all time with Nicole deBoer coming in second with a distance.

But that wasn't the most impressive part of this film either, no matter how impressive those ladies may be!

One thing in all three the acts that was like an anchor!

It was like there was one thing that, even when there was an overwhelming amount of things on screen, in lines, in props and (vomit.gif) CGI's that were so bad it became a conscious effort to ignore it, made everything "alright" again.... that made it 'good old' Startrek with all the trimmings and bling bling and so on you could think of and did that without even trying to do it.

Ofcourse the acting of Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nicholson, and the other actors gave their own distinct "authenticness" (after the fist few scenes. Only one other besides THE one went back into the flow like he'd never stopped playing the role daily and that was Tim Russ) to the film!!!

But even when they might have faltered it was JG Hertzler that took away every bad or annoying feelings and thoughts and made it THE real Startrek.

The way he dominates most of the film just simply by being there, not even saying anything, is so overwhelming that if he were to stand next to Ted Bernanky, during his annual speech on the world economy, the world would think Ted was doing a guest appearance in a Startrek episode! If he were to be a news anchor, reading up the news from a teleprompter every night, the tv guides would list the news bulletins as episodes of Startrek: "The News"

But it doesn't end there.... It's allso the voice!!!!! Just the sound of his voice!!!

He not only has that dominating, Startrek oozing, and Startrek authenticity guaranteeing presence, physically, but he can make you feel like you're watching Startrek simply reciting the phone book!! with his voice! (ARE YOU PICKING THIS UP, PEOPLE CREATING ST:XI?!?!) he could even make a video without "the idea" and a bad story and/or cast feel like and be judged as an authentic Startrek episode!


To summarize...

Yes the story is draped around Gene's IDEA and so it's success was guaranteed.
Yes the involvement of Tuvok, Pavel, Nyota, and all the other Startrek veterans by itself would also have guaranteed great success.
And yes the women in the film are an experience in and of themselves!

But even without those things JG Hertzler would have made this film an experience worthy of Song!

Respect 2 ALL who were involved in making this film possible!

Dus ik denk dat je wel begrepen hebt dat ik die 'of Gods and Men' een geweldige toevoeging in het Startrek Universum vind! Aanradertje!

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